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Mentor Program

2020 Winter Mentor Application

Midwest United FC Mentor Program is designed to provide opportunities for our U13-U19 players to shine as they "give back" both inside and outside the Club! 

Our Mentors will provide leadership and soccer guidance on the pitch with players U7-U12. They will work with our coaches to develop skills and provide a fun experience to our youngest players. 

Mentors will also be provided opportunities to work with Midwest Staff on various community outreach opportunities in our Give and Go Program, as well as Kids Food Basket and other programs as they arise. 

All mentors are welcome to use these hours as NHS volunteer hours, faith-based volunteer hours, youth group volunteer hours, etc. 

Midwest United FC is proud to continually expand our UNITED MENTOR program.

This program is intended to provide leadership and community service opportunities for our U13 - U19 athletes, while providing demonstration resources and peer life resources for our U7-U12 athletes.  This is accomplished by pairing one to two older athletes with the younger teams under the UNITED MENTOR program. Mentors attend mentor training and undertake peer-to-peer exercises, learning how to organize and coach sessions, while providing feedback and constructive criticism to steer each other and the program. Mentors will be chosen through an application process, selected based upon defined criteria and serve for a single season (fall, winter, spring).  The program is intended to build and develop community service attributes while creating club cohesion and differentiation.  The goal would be to first implement the program internally and look for outreach opportunities in the broader community in the future. **If you are a '06 or older player,   you can apply to be a mentor.

For more information on becoming a mentor, please contact Josh Sheldon at

Mentor Testimonies

Katie Mahoney

“I think that the Mentor Program has given me a lot of valuable things that I can use in my future life.  I remember the first day I started with the little girls, I was nervous and felt like I did not know what I was doing.  But as I continued the trainings and working with the girls, I began to find myself enjoying spending my time with them and teaching them what I know about soccer.  It has made me appreciate the sport more and how much time and effort goes into playing a sport.  I know that these girls that I have been mentoring are only a few years younger than me and it is crazy to see the level of play a few years can make.  I remember beginning to play when I was their age and it is so nice to see the commitment some of the girls have even at such a young age.  It make me want to become an even better soccer player, and work as hard as they do at their practices.  I can see that some of the players really want to be there and give their all, and it has made me a better player already.”

Grace Kline

“The Mentor Program is a great experience for the mentors and the players, and I’m proud to be a part of it.  For this program I give what I know about soccer to help develop players, and to become confident with the skills that they have.  I love giving up a small part of my day to get a big smile when a player finally learns to do a stop over.  Such a small gesture has a big impact. Possibly one of the best parts of the whole program is when the players burst with excitement when they see a mentor at practice, which puts a big smile on my face.  This wonderful program has helped me to better learn how to teach younger kids, and go through each step which is a good skill to have.  I would have loved to have had this program when I was younger but I hope it can keep developing into something great.”

2019 Adidas Ambassadors