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Brad Koestier of Coachman Systems

By Rebecca Postlewait, 05/30/18, 2:00PM EDT


Tryouts – 5 Steps to Peak Fitness

Tryout Article Series: Article 4 – 5/29/18

By: Brad Koetsier – Coachman Training Systems

Midwest United FC is excited to partner with Brad Koetsier of Coachman Training Systems. Make sure to check out Coachman Training Systems at and lookout for all the exciting programs Coachman Training Systems will be offering in the coming weeks. Brad wrote us a five-step process to help reach your peak fitness for tryouts. Brad has suggested this plan be used starting now, for the next 4 weeks, building up to tryouts.

Step OneWhat are your Goals and Aspirations: Do you want to make a higher team or maintain a current position within the team? Do you want to become a starter or more of a role player? Figuring out what you want to accomplish will help illustrate a model of how the next four weeks will go.

Step Two - Are you at your Peak Fitness: If not, that is ok, but know that by hour 2 of tryouts, you don’t want to be the kid that is losing touches because you are out of shape. You don’t want to hang your head because you are exhausted. You must start now, to make sure you are in great shape. Start to implement aerobic exercise (long runs, cycling, swimming) and anaerobic exercise (sprints, strength, agility work) into your daily regimen.  If you aren’t in playing shape, you won’t impress coaches. If you aren’t in shape, you won’t be able to provide the coaches with a definitive level of play that would show your true talents.  Are you a great short passer, tackler, solid technical player or do you get by with your sheer ability to keep moving? Figure out what you are good at and keep developing that skill, but still work really hard on the other assets of the game.

Step Three Are you eating like an individual that can perform their best on a hot day, where you are playing against the toughest competition? Think about your favorite soccer player in the world. How do you think they eat? Do you think they eat chicken nuggets, cheeseburgers and drink a lot of pop? I bet they don’t. I bet they eat a well-balanced diet that consists of the right number of macronutrients (fat, carbs, protein, water). Start by drinking more water each day (at least half your bodyweight – 100lbs= 50oz). That alone will help you feel better and more energized. Then add How has your Diet looked over the past 6 months: - in little things like diminishing your sugar intake (less pop, less candy) or by adding more protein to your diet, like grilled chicken, fish, or peanut butter on whole wheat. Most kids do not eat enough calories and specifically GOOD calories. Eat more veggies, more fruit, drink more water, and consume more quality protein.

Step Four Are you getting at least 8 hours of sleep? You are going to be putting your body through the ringer soon and making sure your body is rested and recovered will help keep yourself away from injury.  Naps also help. Yes, take a nap Are you Sleeping Enough: - of at least 20 minutes a day to help keep mental clarity and keep you fresh.

Step Five Do yourself a favor and get a foam roller and a super band to help aid recovery and also to do as part of your Mobility or Flexibility Work: Do not forgetwarm up before playing/working out.

Foam Roller:

Band Dynamic Stretching: